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Friday, April 07, 2006

4/07/06 Check In

Just the thought of one more helping of mashed potatoes and gravy is sending shivers up my spine and not in a good way.

I probably should've spread this hofbrau project out a little more since I feel so much pressure to visit each one and have the whole thing completed. In other words, it's becoming less fun.

In the beginning I thought each hofbrau would be a nostalgic little find, but what I'm finding out more and more is that quirky places like Lefty's and Tommy's are the exception, and while hofbrau cuisine is unique in its own way, probably just a small sampling of the more quirky ones would've been suitable for this blog.

That's why I'm passing up a few. I'm also passing up a visit to Pluto's for a few reasons: although it borrows heavily from the hofbrau concept (their website falsly claims their concept is new), it's neo-hofbrau and not really part of the same category the others I've written about are in. Also, Pluto's has been reviewed and written about before and there's nothing really to add to what hasn't been said already.

Lastly, this blog is called "Dive". I realize that many of the hofbraus I've been to aren't divable, but in the interest of the topic, I overlooked that fact in order to pay homage to the hofbraus of the Bay Area; something I believe is/was long overdue and unacknowledged (for example: there was no Wikipedia entry on the topic until I added it last week). That said, Pluto's isn't worthy of a hofbrau or a dive entry.

I have two more hofbraus that are, I believe, special (one is extremely Div-ine) and I will visit them soon and report back. After that, we'll be back on track and I'll be taking you to some places that are so divey you will wish you would've brought a cannister of mace with you.

This weekend I'll be out of town for a Rodeo parade and some homemade barbecued California Tri-Tip. Be sure to check out my other blog for more on that.

After that, back to the hofbraus.

Check back here sometime next week!



At 5:27 PM, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

There is a lot of pressure when you take on a food project. My husband and I are considering subscribing to a CSA box weekly, and already we're afraid of the pressure.
We barely escaped the pressure of the two-week freezer harvest.
And now we've got Eat Local Challenge coming up in May. Scary.
That said, I applaud you for your topic. Hofbrau! A dying institution.
Can I come with you and be your mashed potatoes and gravy taster?

At 10:34 AM, Blogger molly said...

I learned so much, we have a Harry's Hofbrau around the corner and I was too skerred to go there but now I will. Nothing like turkey and gravy in April.


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